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Art+Science @ Joint Research Centre, European Commission [event]

The Art & Science Programme of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has launched its fourth edition of Resonances – a two year cycle exploring the nexus of art, science and policy on a topic of priority to the EU.

NaturArchy: Towards a Natural Contract aims to explore – through artistic, scientific and legal expressions – how providing nature and its phenomena with a contract that integrates her juridically into our society, can redefine our anthropocentric attitudes and help us shift persepectives towards an EU Green Deal.

Kickstarting the cycle, a Summer School will take place 20-24th June 2022.
Artists selected from an internatioanl Open Call will be exploring discourse, practices and consequences of NaturArchy together with researchers and scientists from the JRC and EC policymakers.

You’ll find more info, a list of the winning artists, the programme and curatorial statement on the JRC website

The preliminary Summer School programme has also recently been published.

Preliminary JRC SciArt Summer School Programme 2022

µTectonics of war

We are very happy to announce our next event in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Human  Development, CERFA and DAAD.

“µTectonics of War” is the work in progress of the spanish photographer Natalia Pérez Galdós.

She will be present during the vernissage.


Javier Ordoñez (Universidad Autonoma of Madrid) will introduce the exhibit.  Join us Tuesday Feb.27th at 19h.

An aperitif will be served after the musical performance of Ryan Guterman.

Mirror Images Exhibition

 On reflection: the art and neuroscience of mirrors

Mirror Images in Art and Medicine exhibition

By Alison Abbott

The installation Smoking Mirror by Otavio Schipper and Sergio Krakowski, 2015.

The installation Smoking Mirror by Otavio Schipper and Sergio Krakowski, 2015. Photo by Nick As

Two linked exhibitions in Berlin – Mirror Images in Art and Medicine and Smoking Mirror – begin where Narcissus left off. The hero of Greek mythology wasted away gazing transfixed at his own beauty reflected on the surface of a dark pool. He left his name both to the narcissus (daffodil) that sprang up on the banks where he died, and to psychology.

The desire to see one’s own reflection more conveniently than kneeling at the waters’ edge on a sunny day  appears universal.

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Fostering interdisciplinarity and collaboration

The second STATE Festival, created and directed by Dr. Christian Rauch and his outstanding team, was a great meeting point and a content success!

The vibrant city of Berlin hosted this fantastic come-together @ Kühlhaus Berlin (Luckenwalder Str.3, 10963 Berlin, Germany) . It attracted several people of various generations to the engage and enjoy the talks, workshops, exhibits and projections delightfully curated by Pablo Rojas, Teresa Dillon, Daniela Silvestrin and Vena Ward respectively.

A round experience and an intellectual trigger,  that we hope to be able to enjoy the following years.

Polyhedra was able to attend the events during all the three days.  The events evolved around the importance of our emotions as fundamental source of experience as well as the application of those into different technologies.

scientist enjoing one of the exhibits

Using simple and direct language the people involved presented and answered very relevant questions that society is currently facing. The purpose is to disseminate in an understandable language the elementary bases for identifying an emotional response. Also how Artifitial Inteligence is dealing with emotions. The events creatively interweave the most current scientific and artistic developments on the topic creating a very pleasant experience.

Art / Nature exhibition

The Naturkunde Museum in Berlin host a very interesting project where contemporary art meets natural history and research “Art / Nature. Artistic interventions in the Museum of Natural History in Berlin“.

The project features interventions in the areas of sound art, fine art and literature, in which an experimental space for interactions between art, museum practice and natural research will be defined.

Natural history museums have always been places where artists were intensively involved in the study of nature. Alongside travelling researchers, artists have contributed to recording and depicting the history of life on Earth. In line with this tradition, the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin have embarked on a joint model project which invites international artists to develop interventions from 2014 to 2018 in one of the most renowned natural history museums in Europe.

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Energies in the Arts Conference

At the outset of the 21st century any discussion of energy is inextricably linked to the politics of power and environmental catastrophe. The conference extends this understanding of energy to encompass a broader field in the arts. Art’s relationship with energy extends well beyond light and colour to the kinetic, sonic, electronic, metabolic, physical, physiological, neurological, solar and sensory. Scratch below the surface of global communications and you will find flashes and systems of energy.

The conference will be presented to overlap with the Energies: Haines & Hinterding exhibition.  Attendants willhave the possibility to meet international scholars and artists and experience their latest research and practice.


Keynote speakers include

Professor Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Department of Art and Art History, The University of Texas in Austin
Martin Howse, artist, Berlin
Professor Marcus Boon, Department of English, York University, Toronto
David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, artists, Lawson


Thu 13 & Fri 14 Aug, 10am – 5pm, MCA , Veolia Lecture Theatre
Sat 15 Aug, 10am – 4pm , UNSW Art & Design


more info

conference program

[exhibition extended] Matteo Bultrini @ Studio Polyhedra

Matteo Bultrini. On facing Colour [Nello specchio del colore]

23 may – 31 may 2015 15 june 2015!

Bultrini@Polyhedra 3

Monday 15th will be the new end of Matteo Bultrini’s exhibition “On facing Colour” at Studio Polyhedra, Polyhedra’s new exhibition space. On public request, Studio Polyhedra has agreed to keep the exhibition open for two more weeks. The show is now open for view until June the 15th. Come visit us during our opening hours, or contact us for views by appointment.








Studio Polyhedra
Via della Marcigliana 561, Rome  

Opening hours
mon-fri 14:00-19:00
or by appointment  

t: +39 06 87122210


Exhibition Opening · Matteo Bultrini · Studio Polyhedra, Rome


Studio Polyhedra, Roma · 23 – 31 maggio 2015
Inaugurazione: Sabato 23 maggio 2015, ore 19:00

Matteo Bultrini (Roma, 1979) è uno dei più promettenti e influenti artisti italiani nel panorama pittorico del momento. Le molteplici ricerche sul colore del XX secolo trovano nella sua opera il loro punto di confluenza estrema. Anche se il suo tragitto è autonomo, il suo lavoro oscilla tra le grandi polle cromatiche di Serge Poliakoff e le raffinate e aristocratiche trame di luce di Victor Pasmore: una ricerca che racconta, come in un poema, l’alfabeto del colore, una lettera di luce.

A cura del Prof. Carmine Benincasa, ‘Nello Specchio del Colore’ (23 – 31 maggio) raccoglie 30 opere rappresentative della ricerca dell’artista in quest’ultimo triennio.

La mostra inaugura la prima stagione artistica di Studio Polyhedra – il nuovo spazio espositivo di Polyhedra, organizzazione impegnata nella sinossi comparata tra arte e scienza e finalizzata alla ricerca artistica e contemporanea.

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