KRIEGSZEIT Wissenschaften und Krieg / Sciences and War / Ciencias y guerra
A photo exhibition by artist Natalia Pérez Galdós {web}
MPI for Human development, Berlin · Vernissage  on 27th February 2018






AESTHETICS get SYNTHETIC Knowledge Link through Art & Science (KLAS)

[artist-in-residence & science-in society]
, MPIMP, Potsdam, Germany ·

KLAS logo

KLAS aims to bring together the GroningenBiomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute (GBB) of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, and two of the Max-Planck Institutes (MPI) in Golm, Germany. To do so, an artist in residence programme has been developed with the aim to initiate more plural, accessible and collaborative scientific exchanges.

Both at GBB and at MPI, Synthetic Biology is a very strong and important research direction. Synthetic Biology is a really interdisciplinary and international endeavor which will provide a fertile ground for creativity and education.

Recently the increasing need to respond culturally to new scientific lines in every aspect of our lives has attracted greater attention to the idea of a close collaboration and broad exchange between art, science and technology. KLAS aims to attracting a lot of new perspectives and public interest and, thus, making knowledge transfer to society possible as well as strengthening science education.

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INNOVATE HERITAGE 2018 Making Now: Contemporary Arts meets Heritage

[Conference + Art + Lab]
, Berlin, Germany

Innovate Heritage

Innovate Heritage is hosting its second conference by the title Making Now: Intersections of Contemporary Arts and Heritage. The event explores meeting points of creativity/arts and intangible/material heritage through topic focuses of: linear time/circular time, when does something become heritage, performing/embodied memory, the power of heritage, the role of contemporary arts in creating cultural memory, heritage aesthetics, and cultural currencies of arts/heritage. These thematic points will be used to frame constructive and creative meeting points for contemporary artists and heritage experts/scholars with the aim of creating more space for intersectional and creative approaches to international heritage and its discourses.

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