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[Online talk] Quantum Theory as Critical Theory:  Entanglement and the Politics of Social Physics (10/2/2022)

Online Talk by Alexander Wendt, 10/02/2022, 12h30 – 14h00

Society is based on the world described by physics. But which physics?  The orthodoxy is that our minds are just complex machines that follow the laws of classical physics.  Teaching this materialist worldview has naturalized an understanding of ourselves as fully separable individuals, for whom conflict is natural and cooperation is a problem (Hobbes).  But what if people actually have quantum minds?  In that case our individuality would be intrinsically relational rather than separable, entangled non-locally in socially shared wave functions of meaning. 

If you would like to register for the talk, please send us an email at caterina.benincasa@ec.europa.eu

This is the fourth of a series of talks, Changing the Ground , organised by the JRC SciArt project, in collaboration with the European School of Administration, running October 2021 – June 2022.