Who we are

We are explorers, scientists, heritage and arts professionals working at the junction of the arts and sciences.
We love to stand at the forefront of knowledge, cause face-to-face encounters and strive to connect local realities with global culture.
We count on a solid and global network of partners from NGOs to artist collectives, institutions and civil groups, developed through a life-time of learning, connecting and discovering.

Our research interests

Our research specialty lies at the intersections of arts-science-heritage
with an outlook on sustainability and governance.

What we do

Art-science-heritage activities
We design and implement residencies, collaborations, exhibitions, symposia, salons and events
Art-science residencies
We tailor and implement artistic residencies in scientific or heritage institutes.
Outreach & Communication
We develop tailored outreach activities (workshops, conferences or seminars, publication and artistic events)
Liaison & Match-making
We find the right artistic or scientific partner for you and facilitate contact and communication between artists, scientists and cultural professionals.
We help artists find the right scientific partner/research group to develop their project or investigations.
We help scientists and research groups find their perfect artistic match.
We are art-science advisors and communicators

Get in contact

To find out more about our services and partnership opportunities get in touch by writing an email to caterina (at) polyhedra.eu

Proven-track record

Develop internationally reknowned residencies (KLAS)
Establish acclaimed local and international partnerships (such as UNESCO, CERN, WestBund Shanghai)
Design pioneering workshops (Innovate Heritage)


Local international events such as
  • Exhibitions, Installations, Performances, Film screenings
  • Book fairs
  • Poetry
  • Conferences, Workshops, Salons
  • Art-science Tapas
  • Publications
  • Videos & Podcasts
You can browse through the list of our past events and ongoing projects.

Polyhedra fosters ‘face to face’ encounters between the arts, sciences and humanities.

We believe in the power of curiosity, of play and encounters.
And are incessantly fascinated by the manifold ways of being and discovering.
The dialogue and confrontation that sparks from our curiosity driven explorations crystallize primarily in the form of creative provocations, conferences, exhibition and publications.

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