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Scientific Committee

Natalia Pérez Galdós (Spain)

Philosopher, Artist, and Film Editor. Natalia Pérez Galdós started her career as senior editor of the film department of Canal+ (Spain). Her special programmes ‘Hong Kong Express’ and ‘China in Movement’ have been prized by The New York Video and Television Festival. She has since worked as exhibition Curator, Publisher, Script and Creative Writer, has translated books by some of the main protagonists of our contemporary science, as well as co-authored exquisite books on science and culture. Natalia recently funded phos-imagic (Berlin), an experimentation, research and discussion laboratory on creative processes and photography. [web
Arnau Horta  (Spain)
Arnau is an independent curator specialized in sound and multimedia art and has collaborated with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Sónar Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art, CosmoCaixa, CaixaForum, La Casa Encendida and Fostering Arts and Design (FAD). He teaches at the IstitutoEuropeo di Design: IED and is a writer for the weekly cultural supplement Cultura/s (La Vanguardia newspaper). He holds a degree in Media Studies; MA in Theory and Aesthetics of Contemporary Art; MA in Contemporary Philosophy. Currently he is a PhD candidate in philosophy.


Honorary Board

Vittorio Barale (Italy)

A researcher, zealous writer and art lover, Vittorio Barale holds a senior scientist position at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Since the early times at the University of Milan, Italy, and at the University of California at San Diego, USA, he has devoted much of his professional life to studying the world’s oceans and seas, origin and pillar of life on planet Earth. Through the combination of nature’s beauty and human art, he aims to reconcile again aspects of life that have been unnaturally separated by our culture.

 José Jiménez (Spain)
jimenez photo
Philosopher, Writer, Curator, Art Critic, José Jiménez is Full Profesor in Aesthetics and Art Theory at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Among his last publications stand: Theory of Art (Madrid, 2002. Italian translation: Palermo, 2007), Marcel Duchamp’s Writings (Spanish edition; Barcelona, 2012), The Surrealist Image (Madrid, 2013) and Criticism in act (On Contemporary Spanish Art and Artists) (Barcelona, 2014). He has curated many art exhibitions, the most recent one: Surrealism and the Dream (Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum) [webblog] 

Ignazio Licata (Italy) 
Theoretical physicist and philosopher of science, director of the Institute for Scientific Methodology (Palermo), and professor at the School of Advanced International Studies on Theoretical and non Linear Methodologies of Physics (Bari). Ignazio’s work focuses on quantum field theory, interpretation of quantum mechanics, quantum cosmology, space-time at Planck scale, systems theory, computation in physical systems (sub and super Turing systems) and cognitive science. He is actively involved in the relationship between science and art as event organizer, curator and theorist

Michele Trimarchi (Italy) 
Michele Trimarchi, PhD, teaches Public Economics (Catanzaro) and Cultural Economics (Bologna). Member of the editorial board of Creative Industries Journal, and of the International Council of the Creative Industries Federation, he writes extensively on cultural economics and policy, and is active in the field of international cultural co-operation. Michele is presently engaged in research and projects focused upon the connections between cultural heritage, creative action, and urban dynamics. 

Selected Papers:
Taxes and the Arts

 Arthur Veldman (Netherlands)
Head of the research group Computational Mechanics and Numerical Mathematics within the Research Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science (IWI) at the University of Groningen. In 1977, with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, he joined the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR in Amsterdam, where he was involved in various projects in the area of computational aero- and hydrodynamics. Between 1984 and 1990 he was part-time professor of CFD at Delft University of Technology. In 1990 he returned to Groningen, where he now occupies the chair in Computational Modelling. [web]

Prof. Semir Zeki (UK)


Founding members

Ennio Chiatante · President
Mechanical Engineer

Caterina Benincasa · Director
Physicist, Philosopher

Rodrigo Perez Garcia · Director

rodrigo perez, polyhedra co-founder
Dionigi M. T. Benincasa
Theoretical Physicist
Gregorio Benincasa
Marzia Chiatante
Veterinary Scientist



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