Vision | Mission

Culture as a seamless fabric

Polyhedra is a node for trans-disciplinary debate and creation arising from the need to identify a point of reunion from which, and through which, a myriad of perspectives are directed towards highlighting and exploring scientific and artistic developments of our present time. We delve into cultural fragments of inquiry and seek to interweave or cross-pollinate the artistic-scientific sectors by inciting and promoting encounters and dialogues. 

Poiesis & Poiein

Dwelling on fostering and recovering a plurality of proposals, thoughts, initiatives and projects, Polyhedra serves as a platform for contaminating and investigating ways of perceiving, exploring, discovering and learning. It is a place and space where different ways of visualizing, reasoning, operating can communicate and construct. Rather than codify and register that which is already known, we set out to identify singular visions and promote within the contemporary scene the savoir/saveur which discloses new horizons. This is done by provoking intellectual and creative stimulus in those who operate in the cultural field. And this, we hope, will lead to innovative curiosity-driven research and knowledge.

Face-to-face Encounters

Polyhedra is only possible through face-to-face encounters, dialogue, confrontation. A new event causes encounter. Encounters cause knowledge. Knowledge brings about culture.


  • Detect bustling or fermenting perspectives in the arts, humanities and sciences
  • Foster and promote artistic expressions and inquiry, profiling leading personalities in contemporary debates
  • Catalyse transdisciplinary encounters between the Arts & Sciences
  • Act as a node for exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices amongst disciplines and professions.
  • Disseminate and generate knowledge and curiosity by implementing exhibition, conferences, seminars and workshops.