[exhibition extended] Matteo Bultrini @ Studio Polyhedra

Matteo Bultrini. On facing Colour [Nello specchio del colore]

23 may – 31 may 2015 15 june 2015!

Bultrini@Polyhedra 3

Monday 15th will be the new end of Matteo Bultrini’s exhibition “On facing Colour” at Studio Polyhedra, Polyhedra’s new exhibition space. On public request, Studio Polyhedra has agreed to keep the exhibition open for two more weeks. The show is now open for view until June the 15th. Come visit us during our opening hours, or contact us for views by appointment.








Studio Polyhedra
Via della Marcigliana 561, Rome  

Opening hours
mon-fri 14:00-19:00
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t: +39 06 87122210