[Book] Creating ArtScience Collaboration. Bringing Value to Organizations.

Insightful book about artscience collaborations by Claudia Schnugg, researcher and advocate of artscience collaboration, and a producer and curator of residency programs.

Abstract: How can artist-scientist collaboration be of value to science and technology organizations? This innovative book is one of the first to address this question and the emerging field of art-science collaboration through an organizational and managerial lens. With extensive experience collaborating with and advising institutions to develop artist in residency programs, the author highlights how art-science collaboration is such a powerful opportunity for forward-thinking consultants, managers and institutions. Using real-life examples alongside cutting edge research, this book presents a number of cases where these interactions have fostered creativity and led to heightened innovation and value for organizations. As well as creating a blueprint for successful partnerships it provides insights into the managerial and practical issues when creating art-science programs. Invaluable to scholars and practitioners interested in the potential of art-science collaboration, the reader will be shown how to take an innovative approach to creativity in their organization or research, and the ways in which art-science collaborations can mutually benefit artists, scientists and companies alike.

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